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El Quatro Company

El Quatro Company produces & supplies ready made Under & Outerwear garments made of knitted and woven fabrics in cotton and/or yarns i.e. cotton, polyester, Lycra…etc. for men, ladies & children. It is also specialized in uniforms for Hotels, resorts, hospitals…etc. El Quatro for Import & Export was established in 2007 in Cairo – Egypt and in this short period Our Company became among the leading providers in the Egyptian knit apparel textile market with a long tradition of quality and customer satisfaction. Production is mainly made up by knitted outerwear garments using 100% cotton and cotton / mixed fabrics (Tactel, Meryl, Lyocell, Micropolyester, Strata etc.). Monthly orders are in access of 5000 pieces. El Quatro is very well experienced in the Egyptian Market and its requirements from Cotton wear, Uniforms, give away…etc.

Company Strategy

El Quatro is continuously making new improvements, to be a long term strategic partner with the clients. As a part of our total Quality Management Philosophy, we are continuously searching for options in lowering our costs to give the best price with the best quality to our customers.

Quality Management

We set total Quality Management as a fundamental philosophy of our organization our goal is the keep continuous improvement with focusing on team work, increasing customer satisfaction, lowering costs.

Company Target

Your main target is to achieve the best efficiency in our services & production with a consistent better quality and on time performance. El Quatro prides herself with the very high standard of Quality with its own production outlets. The quality control and testing procedures that are in place ensures only perfect garments reaching our customers’ premises.

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